Friday, October 29, 2010


Borola,(the sculpture with red dress and blue hat) is one of the famous character created by Mr. Gabriel Vargas, in the Burron's Family.

She's strong, and inteligent, but at the same time, so fememine.

She's also part of the exhibit "Tribute to Gabriel Vargas",held in the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares, in Coyoacan Mexico, till November 28.

She's papier mache sculpture.

Tree of Life Burrón's family

This tree is a tribute to one of the best cartoonist in Mexico, Mr. Gabriel Vargas, who pass away in May 2010. He create a comic, called "Familia Burrón"(Burrón's family). He recreated the way of life in Mexico City for a long time, and with a big sense of humor.

The tree of life is one of Mexico's most recognized folk art. Originally they are made out of clay in the state of Metepec, Edo. de Mexico.

For me it was logical to mix these great ideas, the tree of life in one side, with the great characters that Mr. Vargas create, the family Burrón. The size of the tree is about 8 x 8 cms.

This tree is now part of the exhibit "Tribute to Gabriel Vargas" that is being held in the Museon Nacional de Culturas Populares, in Coyacán in México City.

This exhibit ends on November 28.

Hope you like it!