Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Xochimilco, México"

This is a pic of a trajinera, a traditional "boat" in Xochimilco, in Mexico City.
It's been said that in the time of the aztecs, there were a lot of channels, and trajineras were invented by that time, to carry food, or transport people, among many things.

Now a days, you can see still these "trajineras", but the purpose is to have a nice tour to the Xochimilco channels, and enjoy with family and friends, while eating a good meal. You can also see a lot of trajineras with music, of many kinds, from mariachi, to other variaties of Mexican folk music.

The best day to visit Xochimilco is on Sundays and Saturdays. And also in November, in one of the isles of Xochimilco, you may see a play or performance of the "Llorona", and old Mexican Leyend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

"Fruit Vendor"

This is a "fruit vendor or Lulú", you may see her in many markets all around Mexico, she uses a rebozo, and her little boy sleep inside of it, but she's a working mom, and sells many fresh fruit.