Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Inspired by Ballet and ballerinas...

Latelly I've been inpsired by "ballet" my sister is guilty for that, since children she always love it, and for that reason, we took some "ballet" classes, soon I discovered that as a "ballet dancer", I'm a very good painter ;) I've also have the opportunity to assist to some great ballet performances, like the "Swank lake ballet" at the Isle of Chapultepec, in Mexico City. A beautifull performance, because the place.. is a natural, open place, when you have a natural stage, the great costumes, the light, but most of all the music, and the dancers, almost magical!! Another great performance, is held at "El Auditorio Nacional "The nutcracker ballet", was just awesome. Definitely love the costumes! It also inspired me, the see my beautifull two little nieces on stage, dancing ballet, they were so cute!! love you my little ones! That and my recently love for the impressionist, and specially for Edgar Degas "ballerinas"... inspired me to create my own versions of my "Ballerinas series", inspired in this magical world of ballet. I'm glad to share with you some of my ballerinas. Hope you like it!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I'm back!!

It's been a long time I didn't write here, since I found facebook :(, but I'll tried to post as often as I could. I've been working and trying to develop different ideas.. in different material, sizes, colors.. playing and combining all the items, and see what happens if... I'm glad to share with you my new creations, and would love to know about your comments. You can find more of my work at my facebook fan page: Original Verónica Pérez and my pinterest: