Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Collar de mariposas monarcas" "Monarchs Butterflies necklace""

This necklace is inspired in the "monarchs butterflies" that come from Canada to Michoacán Mexico, to spend the winter, and to reproduce in Michoacan.

This is really an amazing natural show, that nature give us. If you ever come to Mexico on winter, and have te opportunity to vist Michoacan, really, don't miss it.

The butterlflies are hand made and painted by me. Hope you like it!

Technique: Mix media

"Viva Frida (Dos Fridas)"

Inspired in some paintings of Frida, this is a tribute to her work.

Tecnique: Mix Media

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Collage de Hadas" "Faeirie's Collage"

This little box that I create, called Xochimilca box, is called "Faeirie's Collage". It has tiny little dolls inspired in the mexican dolls "Lupitas" but dressed and painted liked faeiries, but with a little of Baby Bop inspiration.

Technique: Mix Media