Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda" (celebration of the day of the death at Diego Rivera's Museum)

This picture is part of the representation of a famous Diego Rivera paintings called"Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda" (Dream of a Sunday afternoon in the Alameda) but the representation with skulls is part of the exhibit that is being held in the Musem "Diego Rivera Anahuacally" as a part of the celebration of the day of the death.

Skulls made of cartoneria (papier mache) are of reall size and represent this important paint of Rivera.

If you have the opportunity you must visit it (held until November 28) in Mexico City.

"Celebration of the day of the death" at the Dolores Olmedo Museum

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Celebration of the day of the death

Another objects created specially for this time are the sculptures in papier mache, in Mexico it's called cartonería.

For this celebration, you'll find a lot of skulls, and skeletons, in this material, many museums, decorate this festivities with some thematics skeleton.

Here are some pics, of the Dolores Olmedo Museum, where they held an exhibit of the Mexican history.

This pic is about the aztecs, finding the symbol (eagle eating an snake above a cactus) where they must build their city. This symbol is now part of our flag!

The Celebration of the Day of the death in Mexico

The Celebration of the Day of the death is one of the most important celebrations in our country. It take place on November, the 1 and 2. The 1st day is dedicated to remember and celebrate the little boys and girls. And the 2nd of November to the rest. Many places in Mexico celebrates these days, and it's a real fiesta.

In Mexico there is the believe that in the "day of the death" -November 2-, our loved ones who aren't with us any more, come to visit us in this day, the tradition is to have a place (a table) specially served for them, with their photo, some saints, candles, "pan de muerto - (bread of the death-specially made in Mexico for this festivity) and the food they love to eat when they were alive, among many other things like candies ),and candles salt, etc. These place, is called "ofrenda", like a little tribute to the loved ones.

There are some many things created specially for this celebration. The candies, for the ofrenda are no exception, "calaveritas de azucar" (sugar skulls) are specially made for these speciall ocassion. They are mainly made by sugar, in many places in Mexico, for example in Toluca, this art is called the art of "alfeñique". You can find them in local markets, in many sizes!!

About the day of the dead- "it's an examle of the complex inheritance of mexicans, whis incorporates pre hispanic and colonial elements as well as visual expression arisign after the Mexican Revolution". "It is the center of the collective imaginatino of the nation, extending far beyond its borders" - Alejandro Negrin -

This is a little pic of some sugar skulls, I love them, so collorfull and tasty!! yummie!