Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Opera Theater in progress 2

Here is a second pic of the theater, with some details, like the pair of angels, in gold, and some color, still waiting to be finish is the scneario, the courtains, and the singer! :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The papier mache, not just a kids game

For a long time I have had this question, about the difference between art, and handcrafts, what is the line between one and other? is it the material? the technique? is it the place of the exhibit?

Both are hand made, and some art pieces, f.e. photos, can be
made in limited edition, than can go from 10, to 100 pictures, and the same can happen to jewelry, sculpture, etc, so what is the main difference between one an another?

I consider the main difference is not the material, they can be geougous clay sculptures, that are not less valuable than the marmol ones, and one painting is not less valuable if it is painted in acrilic, rather than in oil, even if the oil, like material is more expensive than the acrilics.

Other people may say that the durability of the piece, can be an important factor, but we know that many ancient cultures, worked with "fragile materials" like clay, that we can find now a day, and papier mache, refereing to durability is and old techinque that has prove its durability if it's well done.

I think mainly the design, the novelty of the creation, is what matters really.

Some times, it happens to me, that many people consider sculptures in "papier mache" less sculpture than if they were made of another material.

The piece design for me is what really matters, and if it's true that the "papier mache" gives the opportunity to work, with no expensive materials, like paper and glue, it's also true, that the desigh, and the expertise to manipulate this material, beyond the basic forms, can only be achieved after several years of work.

Or what do you think?

"Long Furry necklace"

This is a necklace I made, combining different materials.