Monday, February 8, 2010

Board for the Mexican Revolution chess set/ Tablero para ajedrez Revolución Mexicana

This board is all hand painted, inspired in some famous photos of the Mexican Revolution, in my version.

Este ajedrez, pintado totalmente a mano, esta inspirado en algunas conocidas fotos de la Revolución Mexicana.

Mexican Revolution Chess Set/ Ajedrez de Revolución Mexicana

This Chess set is inspired in the Mexican Revolution. This year is the conmemoration of 100 years of it. In one side we have Porfirio Díaz, her wife Carmelita, and his advisors the "scientist", the tower are like an European type (he admires European culture) and their white horses.The pawns are the "federales".

In the other side is President Fco. I. Madero, "la Adelita" (This is a symbol of many very brave Mexican women who went to war to fight with their men)and Emiliano Zapata, and Franciso Villa, the tower is a mexican plants "magueyes" and the black horses.

The pawns are all the country people.

This chess set has been exhibited in the William Spratling Museum, in Taxco, Gro here in Mexico, and in some exclusive Galleries.

Este ajedrez está inspirado en la Revolución Mexicana. Este año celebramos el 100 aniversario de ella. De un bando tenemos a Dn Porfirio Díaz, con su esposa Carmelita, y sus consejeros los "cientificos", la torre es de estilo europeo (cultura que admiraba mucho Dn Porfirio) y sus caballos son blancos. Los peones son los"Federales".

Este ajedrez ha sido exhibido en el Museo Guillermo Spratling, en la Ciudad de Taxto, Guerrero, México, asi como en exclusivas Galerías.

¡¡ Viva México!!

Board for the Medieval chess set / Tablero para el ajedrez medieval

This board is all hand painted, inspired in some old churches glasses and images of the medieval times.

Medieval Chess set, Ajedrez Medieval

This was my first chess, and i have always love the history, and the past times, the casttles, the medieval paintings, among many other things. So I've decided to do my own version of the "Moorish against Christians".

These like the other chess sets has been exhibited in the William Spratling Museum, at the City of Taxco, Gro., here in Mexico.

Board for the Egiptians vs Romans chess set

This hand painted board is inspired in the Roman paintings of tiles. It was really difficult for me to do all the tiles to achive that effect. I hope you enjoy it!

Este tablero fue inspirado en las pinturas Romanas, hechas de pequeños mosaicos. Fue realmente un reto el poder realizar ese efecto. Espero lo disfruten!

"Romans vs Egiptians Chess set" "Ajedrez Egipcios vs Romanos"

This chess set is inspired in the old movie "Cleopatra", when I first saw it I was a little girl, and the image of a strong young Queen, seems very powerfull to me.

My chess set was born with the inspirations of this passionate story of war and love, between Cesar and Cleopatra.