Monday, March 13, 2017

My "Fridas" at Frida Kahlo Museum.. by Original Veronica Perez (Frida at her garden in Casa Azul)

I´m glad to say that my "Fridas" are back at the Frida Kahlo Museum, located in Londres 247, Col. Del Carmen, in Coyoacan, in Mexico City. You'll finde them with my trademark "Original Veronica Perez". This pic, is of her beautifull garden. Recently New York botanical garden, made an tribute, to Frida, and made a very similar reproduction of her garden, in the "Casa Azul". "La Casa Azul" (The blue house) is the other name, that Frida's Museum is known, because of the color of the house. I love her clothes, she used so many colorfull dresses, in this case, she's wearing a "Huipil mazateco"(Huipil is a traditional dresses of central Mexico). If you're Frida Kahlo's fan you must not miss this awesome place, where she was born and live all here life!

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